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Immaculate Concoctions Shipping Policy 

Thank you for choosing Immaculate Concoctions, the purveyor of exquisite artisanal sauces, condiments, and pickles. We are committed to delivering your orders in a timely and efficient manner. This Shipping Policy outlines the terms and conditions under which we fulfill and ship orders through our website, ("Website").  This Shipping Policy also explains our shipping procedures, the carriers we use, and the associated timelines to set your expectations clearly.


All Orders are processed within 7-10 days from the time of purchase. This time frame allows us to meticulously prepare your artisanal products for shipment while ensuring quality and freshness.


2.1 Order Processing Period

Customer acknowledges that the standard order processing period is between seven (7) to ten (10) business days from the date of receipt of the confirmed purchase order ("Order Processing Period"). During this time, Immaculate Concoctions shall exercise its commercially reasonable efforts to meticulously prepare, package, and ensure the quality and freshness of the ordered artisanal products ("Products").

2.2 Shipping Carrier Agreements

Subject to availability and other external conditions, Immaculate Concoctions partners with the following shipping carriers for the distribution and delivery of Products to the Customer's designated delivery location ("Shipping Carriers"):

  • ( a) Federal Express Corporation ("FedEx")

  • (b) United States Postal Service ("USPS")

  • (c) United Parcel Service, Inc. ("UPS")


Customer agrees that Immaculate Concoctions reserves the right to select the Shipping Carrier at its sole discretion, unless otherwise specified or requested by the Customer and agreed upon by Immaculate Concoctions in writing.


2.3 Shipping Carrier Limitations and Liabilities

Customer further acknowledges that each Shipping Carrier operates under its own terms and conditions of service and shipping guidelines, including but not limited to limitations related to package dimensions, weight, and shipping destinations. Immaculate Concoctions shall not be liable for delays, losses, or damages incurred during the shipping process that fall under the responsibility of the selected Shipping Carrier.


2.4 Disruption of Shipping and Delivery Services

Immaculate Concoctions shall not be held liable for any delay in the shipping or delivery of Products that result from circumstances beyond its reasonable control, including but not limited to, acts of God, natural disasters, labor strikes, governmental actions, or disruptions in transportation networks.




3.1 Scope of Domestic Shipping Services

Customer acknowledges and agrees that Immaculate Concoctions currently offers shipping services exclusively within the territorial bounds of the United States of America ("Domestic Shipping"). The availability of specific shipping options may vary and is dependent on the carrier services that are accessible and operational at the time of transaction completion ("Checkout"). Customer further understands that shipping fees are calculated variables, contingent upon multiple factors including but not limited to the geographical delivery location and the gross weight of the ordered Products.


3.2 Exclusion of International Shipping Services

Customer is hereby notified that Immaculate Concoctions does not, at this point in time, extend its shipping services to addresses located outside of the United States of America ("International Shipping"). Immaculate Concoctions disclaims any and all liability for any inconvenience, damages, or loss of opportunity arising out of its current lack of International Shipping services. Customer acknowledges that any attempt to circumvent this limitation through forwarding services or similar means will be at their own risk and Immaculate Concoctions will not be responsible for loss, damage, or non-delivery in such instances.


3.3 Future Amendments Regarding Shipping Services

Immaculate Concoctions reserves the unilateral right to modify, extend, or otherwise amend its shipping services, including the expansion into International Shipping, upon providing a reasonable notice period through updates on the Website or through direct communication channels with existing Customers. Such amendments will become effective upon posting or as otherwise stated in the notice.




4.1 Estimation of Delivery Timeframes

Customer acknowledges that all delivery times provided by Immaculate Concoctions are estimates and serve as non-binding projections ("Estimated Delivery Times"). Such Estimated Delivery Times are susceptible to variations due to factors beyond the reasonable control of both Immaculate Concoctions and the selected Shipping Carrier. These external variables may include, but are not limited to, extreme weather conditions, technical malfunctions, customs processing delays, labor strikes, and disruptions in transportation networks.

4.2 Limitation of Liability for Delivery Delays

Immaculate Concoctions disclaims any and all liability for any direct or consequential losses, damages, or inconveniences suffered by the Customer due to any deviations from the Estimated Delivery Times, except to the extent such liability cannot be excluded or limited under applicable law.


4.3 Shipping Notifications and Tracking

Upon the successful dispatch of the ordered Products, Customer will receive an electronic notification via email ("Shipping Notification"). This Shipping Notification will contain pertinent details for tracking the shipment, including a unique tracking number assigned by the selected Shipping Carrier. Customer may utilize this tracking number to monitor the shipment status through the Shipping Carrier's official website or through direct contact with the Shipping Carrier's customer support services.

4.4 Customer Responsibility for Tracking

Customer assumes responsibility for actively tracking the shipment once the Shipping Notification has been received. Immaculate Concoctions shall not be liable for any failure on the part of the Customer to monitor the shipment status, or to take necessary actions upon receiving delivery status updates.




5.1 Right to Cancel Due to Unsuccessful Delivery

Immaculate Concoctions retains the unilateral right to cancel any order in the event that delivery to the Customer cannot be completed for reasons including, but not limited to, the conditions set forth herein ("Unsuccessful Delivery").

5.2 Conditions for Unsuccessful Delivery

Unsuccessful Delivery may occur due to a variety of factors, such as:

  • (a) Inaccessibility or inaccuracies in the delivery address as provided by the Customer.

  • (b) Failure on the part of the Customer to effectively communicate or coordinate with the assigned Shipping Carrier.

  • (c) Absence of valid identification confirming age eligibility for Products subject to age restrictions.


5.3 Customer Liability for Unsuccessful Delivery

In the case of an Unsuccessful Delivery arising from the aforementioned conditions, the Customer acknowledges that no refunds will be issued. Further, the Customer will remain liable for the full cost of the Products ordered and any additional fees or expenses incurred by Immaculate Concoctions as a result of the Unsuccessful Delivery.




6.1 Inspection Upon Receipt

Upon receiving the ordered Products, it is the Customer’s responsibility to promptly inspect the items. Any damages or inaccuracies must be reported to Immaculate Concoctions immediately upon discovery.

6.2 Reporting Procedure for Damaged or Incorrect Items

If Products are found to be damaged or incorrect, the Customer is obliged to furnish photographic evidence to substantiate the claim. Such evidence should be sent directly to Immaculate Concoctions, facilitating an expedited resolution process.

6.3 Remedies for Damaged or Lost Items

Upon validation of the claim, Immaculate Concoctions will undertake reasonable steps to rectify the issue, which may include, but is not limited to, sending a replacement item, providing a refund, or issuing a store credit at the sole discretion of Immaculate Concoctions.



Immaculate Concoctions reserves the right to update or modify this Shipping Policy at any time. Changes will become effective immediately upon posting on our website.


For any questions or concerns regarding our Shipping Policy, please contact us at

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