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Three varieties of delectable, spicy sauces, the original tiger cry sauce



About the Company

Original Tiger Cry Sauce

Consider for a moment, the emotional impact food has on our everyday lives and how incredibly personal it can be. Do you have a favorite dish? Ask anyone that question and you will likely get an answer that is deeply rooted in family tradition or linked to some unforgettable memory. While our desire for certain foods may be heavily influenced by local customs and culture, the introduction of new herbs, spices, and seasonings can trigger new emotions and lead to an even more gratifying experience.

Distinctive flavors and innovative creations lie at the very heart of what we do at Immaculate Concoctions – and we want to share that with you. All our products and recipes are unique in taste, carefully prepared, and offer a balanced combination of locally sourced and fresh ingredients. Immaculate Concoctions serves the community as a family-owned business and takes pride in creating authentic foods that are healthy and safe for everyone. Our goal is the pursuit of excellence and to delight our customers with quality products that are a perfect blend of complementary ingredients. We offer an assortment of traditional family recipes and introduce modern flavors that are a remarkable blend of “old and new”.

Our savory sauces, condiments, and exclusive side dishes are crafted with allnatural and sustainable ingredients with no additives, preservatives, chemicals, or colors. Immaculate Concoctions was founded on truth, honesty, and integrity, and those principles will continue to be an important part of our commitment to you. From our kitchen to yours, we pledge to deliver the finest contemporary and homemade cuisine that is guaranteed to transcend your expectations. We invite you to connect with us to learn more about who we are and how we can better serve you. Furthermore, we hope to introduce you to our most flavorful combinations and become an integral part of your family for many years to come.

Our Mission

Immaculate Concoctions is grounded in truth and our mission is to provide quality food products that will enhance the dining experience. Our focus centers on traditional kitchen techniques and minimal processing to create fresh and healthy homemade flavors. We are also committed to using the finest ingredients and sustainable resources for minimal environmental impact.

Flavour Enhancement Sauces

About Me

Our lives are filled with unforgettable moments and special occasions that are built upon the relationships we share with one another. The world is full of variety, complete with differing customs and traditions, but the one thing that seems to bring everyone together is food. My name is Wei, and I truly believe that great food has the power to spark emotion and connect people in ways that nothingelse can. Pleasing aromas, vibrant colors, and distinctive flavors, appeal to all our senses and work to enhance our dining experience. My company, Immaculate Concoctions, was born of a desire to share my passion for delightful cuisine and introduce the world to new flavors and creative recipes.

My style embodies the lessons taught to me by my grandparents and I am thankful for the inspiration they gave me as a child. Living with them, I learned to prepare meals using proven techniques, but soon began to create personally unique dishes that were modern variations of their traditional methods. As an adult, I enjoy traveling to other countries, becoming part of the resident culture, and learning new ways of

cooking from the locals.

Immaculate Concoctions is more than just a company or collection of products and recipes – it is a reflection of who I am as a person.


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